Relationships – Is something missing?

Relationships – Is something missing?

Hello Beautiful.  I'm here sipping on some good old tranquility. Let's sip on this tea and let's talk relationships.

That's right. We're talking relationships. How many of you are in a relationship that you know you're not supposed to be in? How many of you feel like the only reason you're there is because something is missing. I might know where that is. Is it because you need love that you're not getting from yourself? That's right, from yourself. How many of you are not loving on yourself the way you're supposed to? And that means because you're not loving on you correctly, you're missing out. Or is it because you're not getting it from that loved one? Listen, y'all. Family is not going to always give you that unconditional love that you're yearning for, or is it that friend?

And we all know, we have those friends that has left us, came back, left us again, and we are still wanting them to be in our life. But the prime factor is they may never come back. But listen, some of us have gotten to a place where we're so comfortable. I mean, so comfortable that we know we are not supposed to be here, but we just don't know how to leave. Let me say that again. We know we are not supposed to be here, but we just don't know how to leave. But listen, Sis I need for you to get in tune with yourself. 

See, we see the things happening, but we ignore what's going on. We see it, but we don't recognize it. We see it, but we don't address it. We see it but yet we still are there. Get in tune with yourself. Relationships, come and go. But if you don't know how to love on yourself, catch feelings for yourself. I said it, catch feelings for yourself. Know what you want and what you deserve. Or maybe you're just that sister that don't even have a partner right now. But you've been down this road to the point where you have been scorn, you have been abused. You have gotten to that space where you was comfortable being comfortable to now you don't know what uncomfortable looks like. 

Well Sis, I'm here to tell you. We got to find peace within ourself so that we can become who we know we deserve to be. Let's talk about these relationships sis. I know you're uncomfortable. I know you don't want to be there, but what are we going to do about it? Are you going to get comfortable and stay or you're going to get uncomfortable and take a walk.

As your accountability coach you know I’m going to show you how to see what you're trying to ignore. I’m going to help you to know how to walk away from the comfortable space, because listen, I don't want you to be comfortable anymore. I want you to get uncomfortable. I want you to recognize it. I want you to speak on it. I want you to have a voice. It's your girl Tea and I'm sipping on my tranquility. Let's talk about it.

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