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Tanesha Lowe

The Confidence Coach

Tanesha Lowe, founder, and owner of Tea Talk LLC and Pearl Unique Boutique LLC. She resides in Atlanta, GA, and originally from Bennettsville, South Carolina. She started Pearl Unique Boutique back in June 2016, and it was her passion showing women that you don’t have to follow the trend, but be your own unique trend with a confident mindset. She met so many women over the years as she continued to build her boutique. As she networked with many women she noticed that she was pouring so much into the women's lives through stories of her struggles. That’s when June 2019 it all came to her as she was riding downtown Stone Mountain with one of her good friends. They stopped in a tea shop and her mind started brewing up Tea Talk LLC. She created a safe haven for women and young adults to unwind, be themselves, and focus on the self-care they need in their lives. She created a sisterhood to help the young adults and women find themselves all over again. A sisterhood that empowers, motivates, encourages, and inspires women and young adults. Tea Talk creates ways to develop and boost their confidence. Tanesha didn’t grow up with all the proper guidance on relationships, love, and respect. She fought her way through abuse, dealing with a divided family, and more. Now, she is showing and teaching the women and young adults what to look for and how to handle certain situations and still come on top being that strong woman and staying that way. We believe that in order for someone to love you, you have to show them that you love yourself. As the women come into the tribe we ask them to ask this question, “Who Am I”. This opens the mind up for growth and maturity. Once you know who you are then you can walk with confidence, move with faith, and be fearless at everything.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13